Will Fetware/Driwear plastic pants stop the embarrassing leaks I get with disposable diapers?

Unless you have an infrequent bladder leak, every brand of disposable diaper will leak when the absorbent material is flooded all at once. Additionally, all diapers must be held close to the body to be most effective in absorbing. While the primary function of waterproof pants is, to keep urine from transferring to outer clothing and bedding. If you wear a properly fitting plastic pant, such as the Durasoft Trim-Fit Diaper Plastic Pants, most times they will contain flooding and prevent leaks. Generally, all cotton cloth diapers will absorb far better than most disposable products. The key to leak control is absorbency of diaper and a good fitting waterproof diaper cover.

I have a problem with occasional stress incontinence during the day - I am sure I don't need diapers. But is there something I can wear to keep those embarrassing wet spots under control?

We offer low-cut plastic pants in several styles that can be worn over your regular underwear anytime you need extra protection. Many of these styles are made of a super silent vinyl that is undetectable under clothing. And are suitable for use with absorbent pads.

Our Sunday newspaper had an advertisement for plastic pants that cost only 3 for $12. Why do Fetware/Driwear pants cost so much?

Those 3 for $12 pants are automated machine made in China and are little more than throw-a-way plastic pants. Our pants are cut, sewn by hand and made in the USA. Typically, our adult plastic pants will last about three months with reasonable care. They may even last longer if you follow our care instructions. For the longest-lasting, most economical waterproof pants try pants made with UltraFlex - our space-age polymer that remains soft forever and is 7 times stronger than vinyl. A single pair of UltraFlex Pants can last over a year.

How do I know which style is best for me?

Generally, we suggest Full Cut style pants over a cloth diaper. Disposable users might prefer our Durasoft Trim-Fit Diaper Pants for day and night time use. If you need waterproof protection over regular underwear or with use of pads we suggest our lower cut briefs. These feature less full, just above the hip, less bulky fit and protection.

What if I order the wrong size?

Our size charts use a "best fit" approach for size but everyone is different and you may prefer a roomier - or snugger fit than the size charts suggest. Sorry, sanitary regulations do not allow return of tried-on or worn garments. However, any products still in the original package, not tried on or worn may be returned for exchanges. Please contact us for a return authorization prior to returning merchandise. The cost to return merchandise and to re-ship exchanged products is the responsibility of the buyer. We reserve the right to refuse exchange of any product found to have been worn, tried on, or otherwise not found to be as new. Please...Do not return merchandise unless you contact us first.

How did Fetware/Driwear start out as a company?

12 years ago, a family member had a mild problem of incontinency. The degree of incontinence did not require adult disposable diapers or full size briefs; however, finding waterproof protective covers to wear over regular underwear seemed impossible. Dozens of visits to pharmacies and home health specialty stores were no avail.

Having been an Internet user since the 80's, the search was turned over to me. I was able to locate several sources of waterproof vinyl and rubber pants, but, most we purchased were unsuitable. Some were noisy and noticeable. The vinyl was hard, scratchy, and uncomfortable. Many were flimsy and just didn't last more than a few days. The majority were made to fit over diapers and often were simply too large, even in the suggested sizes. After months of trial and error we located a suitable product, and from that point on, the condition was manageable. Our loved one could maintain an ordinary life in comfort and security.

Our family is fortunate that we are able to speak openly about such delicate subjects as incontinence. During a phone chat we agreed that if it was this difficult for "us" to find the right products, others with similar needs must also be as frustrated as we were. So it was at our family's suggestion that "we" start a company to offer comfortable, reliable, and discreet products for incontinence needs.

Almost 11 years later, Fetware/Driwear offers the most extensive variety of plastic pants available anywhere. Many styles have been made exclusively for us at the request of our customers. We recognize that each individual, each family, each caregiver may need special consideration, and our goal has always been to satisfy as many of those needs as we can identify.

Each product we offer tries to fill a specific need. We are glad to make suggestions based on your personal needs, so feel free to contact us if you have trouble making a selection. With our commitment to friendly, dependable customer service, combined with innovative products, we think www.Fetware.com products provide high quality incontinence products in a most convenient and discreet way.